About The Vermont Neighbors Project

Energize Vermont created The Vermont Neighbors Project to tell the stories of Vermonters whose lives have been changed by industrial wind energy plants. Check back every week or so—we will be adding new videos that will:

  • show the range of problems that wind projects have created for neighbors,
  • shine a spotlight on the treatment of Vermonters by the multi-billion dollar wind industry, and
  • describe our state government’s response to the problems reported by turbine neighbors.

Vermont’s Public Service Board developed new rules for turbine siting and operation in order to reduce the damage done to neighbors by new wind projects. The wind lobby is mischaracterizing the PSB’s new rules as being inconsistent with legislative intent, too strict,  and constituting “a functional ban” on wind energy in Vermont. These claims are untrue:

  • It was the intent of the Legislature to improve protections for Vermonters.
  • Denmark and Germany have stricter standards and they have more successful wind programs than Vermont.
  • The rules enable energy developers to cooperate with neighbors to develop standards that are appropriate for the community.

About Energize Vermont
Energize Vermont promotes sustainable energy development, protection of our environment, and respect for our communities. Learn more about Energize Vermont at energizevermont.org.